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Comic Review: Detective Comics #14

Batman Detective Comics #14  Poison Ivy Penguin

New creative team John Layman and Jason Fabok turn in a solid second entry in their fledgling run on Detective Comics, bringing in Poison Ivy to tangle with the Dark Knight Detective.

Overall, the writing does a solid job on character. While there’s an initially confusing time jump that drops Batman into Poison Ivy’s clutches, Layman doesn’t throw his reader for too much of a loop. The art is well-done, with the close ups on Ivy’s face being the highlights of this issue.

The plot whips through a wrap up of last issue’s ninja assassination attempt on Bruce Wayne (orchestrated by the Penguin) before jumping forward and back in time for the Poison Ivy scenes.
Sandwiched in between the Ivy and Penguin sections is a conversation between Bruce and Damian in the Batcave about the ethics of stopping Ivy from hurting Penguin. It’s a good exchange that subtly captures the difference in perspective between father and son.

Layman and Fabok prove themselves capable of keeping Poison Ivy’s characterization under control. Ivy is an easy character to overdo, either by hypersexualizing her or by leaning too heavily on her plant love and making her an eco-psycho. Layman’s writing and Fabok’s art are in step with making Pamela Isley a worthy antagonist for Batman. Ivy definitely has some alluring looks, but she’s not a leaf-clad nude spouting love cliches. This Ivy has a black catsuit on under her vines and a somewhat sane head on her shoulders – sexy without being slutty, earth-loving without being weepy.

Layman smoothly brings Poison Ivy into a plot that already has the Penguin, and he slips in Clayface at the end to promise an interesting issue #15.

A storyline worth sticking with.

7 out of 10.

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