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Comic Review: Captain America #1

Captain America #1 Marvel Now Steve Rogers Cover Retro

Captain America visits Dimension Z and discovers the dangers of touching the rail on the subway in Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.’s first crack at the Star-spangled Avenger.

The writing offers up some fairly one-dimensional bad guys in Steve Rogers’ alcoholic Irish father, a hippie-inspired Green Skull and the old school, scenery-chewing Zola. Romita’s art is strong, save for one panel where Steve’s father – thusfar a raging, strong-jawed lout – suddenly stops in the middle of a rant and stares at his wife in shock. In this one moment, he suddenly looks more like the blue-eyed human version of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

The plot really zips along, offering the impression that Remender is trying to get Cap to Dimension Z as quickly and conveniently as possible. There’s clearly a story he wants to tell using Dimension Z, but Captain America #1 suffers under the burden of transitioning Steve Rogers to this new arena.

If you’re into the old school heart-of-gold Cap, there’s not too much of that here until the final page. This Captain America seems to simply be doing his job, and there’s not a lot of emotional engagement for him or for the reader. The opening flashback is something you’ve seen in a dozen movies, and it doesn’t offer any new insight into who Steve Rogers is.

Fans of Flash Gordon-type science fiction will find something to like here in all the giant needle genetics, teeth-gnashing baddies and alien landscapes this series appears to have in store. If you want some home-spun, World War II-esque plotlines, you won’t find them here.

6.5 out of 10.

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