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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #14

Wonder Woman #14 Princess Diana DC Comics New 52

Tony Akins does a marvelous job filling in for regular artist Cliff Chiang, and Brian Azarello continues to build up to the return of the New Gods in another fantastic Wonder Woman issue.

This is, front to back, a wonderful comic to read. Azarello’s Wonder Woman is endearing in her sincerity as she confronts yet another bastard child of Zeus who has fallen victim to jilted Hera’s wrath. Diana continues to fight her battles with her heart as much as with her muscle, putting her a cut above your typical brawling superhero. There’s plenty of fighting and plenty of strong dialog to be found here when she confronts Siracca, Zeus’s daughter with the power to control – and listen to – the wind.

There’s nothing from Diana’s growing cast of companions in this issue, but that’s okay. This issue is great for the strong character moment it offers for Diana. She’s just so damn loving, it’s impossible not to melt for her when she opens up to others.

Contrast that with the familial hatred and power-hungry alliances we see out of her godly extended family, and it’s hard to pity the fall that is so clearly coming for them. Zeus’s firstborn son continues to chill in the Arctic, big and naked and scarred and with only revenge in mind.

This comic is straight up Wonder Woman facing danger, and it’s totally worth the read. Azarello is building up to a great heavenly confrontation. The payoff certainly looks promising.

9 out of 10.

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