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Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Aria with Shepard and Oleg Petrovsky
Omega separates you from your squadmates and drops you off the grid for a while so you can help Asari Crime boss Aria reclaim Omega from Cerberus super-general Oleg Petrovsky. Aria becomes your tag-along throughout five missions as you work your way up to winning back Afterlife, the strip club heart of her deposed empire. You’ll fight in the streets, in the labs, in the clubs and in the mines of Omega. There are new enemies, familiar locales and new layers to the most content-filled DLC yet for Mass Effect 3.

You’ll also finally get to see what a female turian looks like when you’re joined by Nyreen, a good-hearted Omega native. She’s a bit understated at first, but Nyreen – like this DLC pack itself – slowly proves herself to be a worthwhile addition to the Mass Effect world.

Mass Effect 3 Turian female Nyreen Talon Omega

With Nyreen and Aria in your party, moral decisions quickly become a literal choice between the angel and devil speaking in opposite ears. Both are as close to Shepard-like Paragon and Renegade morality as you’ll see anywhere: they know there’s a job to do, and where one cares about the cost, the other cares only about the result.
If you go into this comparing it to Mass Effect 2‘s Lair of the Shadow Broker, you’re going to be disappointed. But, if you’re looking for bang for your buck – and this one costs a pretty penny at $15 on PSN or 1200 points on PC and Xbox 360 – well, there’s plenty of content for your money here.

Bearing in mind that downloadable content must remain below 2 gigabytes in order to be sold on the Xbox 360, BioWare judiciously opted to use their space for combat and environmental work over flashy cinematics. There’s still one fantastic space battle sequence on your first arrival at Omega, but after that, you’re Shepard in the trenches, battling one hallway at a time to wrest back control of Omega.

Omega won’t blow you away. It doesn’t have the startling revelation that came with Leviathan, the last DLC. Omega is a steadier, drawn-out affair, a crisp, clean, methodical build-up to a well-earned climax. Leviathan was a murder mystery; Omega is a war campaign, and that difference is what makes it a worthy addition to Shepard’s multifaceted narrative.

Omega can be a bit annoying in that it’s a complete side mission that yanks you out of your galaxy-wide campaign against the reapers and forces you to resolve Aria’s little issue before you can get back to saving all organic life. That said, it clips along nicely and keeps you engaged – particularly when the Cerberus attackers stops and the Cerberus bodies start to pile up ahead of you.

That’s right: this isn’t a straight swath of the Illusive Man’s finest. Cerberus has cooked up a frightening reaper-style baddie in the Adjutants, who’ve got all the aggressiveness of a Brute and the biotic power of a Banshee.

If there’s one area where this DLC suffers, it’s in Carrie-Anne Moss’s voice acting for Aria. She was great as a stone-cold bitch in Mass Effect 2, but that was when she was on top of the world and chilling on her couch at Afterlife. Here she’s in a fight for her home, and while there are occasional flashes of anger, she’s oddly calculated at the most distressing of times.

Nevertheless, Omega is another quality DLC for Mass Effect 3. It’s a pricey add-on but a must-have for hardcore fans of this franchise. Hearing Aria’s one rule again is worth the price of admission:

Don't fuck with Aria Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review

“Don’t FUCK with Aria.”

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