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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #8

Captain Marvel #8 cover Carol Danvers robot Dexter Soy Kelly Sue DeConnick Marvel comics

Captain Marvel #8 has plenty of wisecracking, robot smashing and energy blasting; in other words, it’s the perfect Marvel girls’ day out.

Kelly Sue DeConnick and co-writer Christopher Sebela lay off the heavy-hitting character work to give Carol Danvers a flat out fun time with gal pal and former Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau.

Carol and Monica coin the term “robotomy” as they join forces to topple a giant robot assembled out of airplane parts from the ocean floor. Carol’s friend Frank Gianelli does his best not to get killed during the fighter plane throw-down, and Carol lets Monica get extremely close and personal to finish off the brutal metal baddie.

DeConnick has certainly penned some hard-hitting, character-centric stories for Carol Danvers, but it’s great to watch her cut loose and play with her hero here. This is a straight-up giant monster battle, and DeConnick really brings out Carol’s love of kicking ass.

Dexter Soy’s robot design is such a perfect blend of retro USAF hull pieces and high tech machinery that it ought to make Michael Bay jealous. The robot has a definite Transformers feel, but Soy’s style clearly roots it in Captain Marvel‘s world. Soy continues to make this one of the most stylish comics around, and colorist Veronica Gandini deserves plenty of credit for the visuals as well.

It’s unclear whether this is the second half of a two-story adventure at sea or if it’s leading into something bigger. Does it really have to go any bigger than this, though? Captain Marvel smashes an airplane robot, and it’s a thrill to read.

8.5 out of 10.

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