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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #15

Wonder Woman #15 Brian Azarello Cliff Chiang DC Comics New 52

Cliff Chiang’s awesome cover speaks for itself and writer Brian Azarello shines bright with the arrival of Orion in Wonder Woman #15.

Badass Orion is looking for Diana and he starts by visiting her half-brother Milan. Diana is also looking for Milan, meaning it’s not long before she crosses the silver-helmed New God. Lennox, Zola and Hera are back in the picture, and Hephaestus makes a cameo to add some extra oomph to Wonder Woman’s repertoire.

Azarello’s Wonder Woman myth-making simply gets better with every issue as he builds out Diana’s supporting cast and arsenal of weapons through his creative approach to Greek mythology. Last issue focused on Diana alone as she confronted her half-sister Siracca; this issue returns her to her posse and makes the homecoming well worth it.

One of the great strengths of Azarello’s run on Wonder Woman has been his balance between human moments and bombastic mythological dealings. Azarello really makes that dynamic work in this issue by putting farm girl Zola alone in a hotel room with Hera, deposed Queen of the Gods. They fight over the TV remote, order room service, and scrap over the man they’ve both shared. It’s an everyday afternoon rendered with such realism and humour that it’s marvelous in its simplicity. Sure, watching Diana fight Orion is great, but seeing Zola and Hera watching the Kardashians is even better.

If writer Brian Azarello is masterful at balancing those big and small narrative moments, then artist Cliff Chiang is equally adept at drawing them. There’s plenty of emotion in the faces and excitement in the action as he delivers a flawless return to the artwork on Wonder Woman.

This series just keeps getting better. If you haven’t jumped on board, do it now. Azarello’s work is some of the best DC Comics has to offer these days.

9 out of 10

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