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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #6

All-New X-Men #6 cover Kitty Pryde Marvel NOW! David Marquez

David Marquez spells Stuart Immonen on art and Brian Michael Bendis keeps the story going strong in All-New X-Men #6.

Immonen has done yeoman’s work so far, but with All-New X-Men double-shipping up to this point, his pencil was going to need a rest. Marquez fills in admirably, and while this book lacks the gorgeous spreads of issue #5, it’s a clean and crisp comic with excellent facial expressions that suit the character-centric story.

Bendis jumps in the deep end with a stunning opening sequence before pulling it back a bit to turn this issue into a true character study of Jean Grey, young Scott Summers and the heretofore-forgotten X-Man, Archangel.

Jean Grey continues to struggle with her newfound telepathy, and Bendis truly captures the “puberty in disguise” theme of X-Men by allowing an older woman – Kitty Pryde – to help the vulnerable, emotionally torn Jean find her way with her new abilities. Jean ended last issue with a bang by telling Scott to get lost, but this issue is a reminder that she is still very much a girl, not an adult. She is vulnerable and unsure, and she needs guidance.

Scott Summers needs some guidance, too, but Wolverine is definitely not the one to give it. Old hatreds die hard, but they also establish themselves quickly in the case of Scott. These two seem born to despise each other, and it will be interesting to see if Logan can eventually get young Cyclops on his side.

Archangel is out to answer the question no one else will answer for him – namely, “Where am I in the future?” – while young Beast and Ice Man get a day off.

The young X-Men are still confused by their new world, and with shapeshifter Mystique set to join the story in the next issue, matters are about to get a lot more complicated.

8.5 out of 10

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