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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #9

Captain Marvel #9 Carol Danvers and Spider-Woman fight dinosaurs Filipe Andrade

You could never call being Captain Marvel boring, but when Iron Man is writing your day planner, you can bet things are going reach a new level of excitement.

And by excitement, I mean a mid-morning wrestling match with a pair of dinosaurs in downtown Manhattan.

Captain Marvel #9 is an ordinary day in the life of not-so-ordinary superhero and Avenger Carol Danvers. Carol’s got a cat she needs to get to the vet, a coffee date with an Avenger, a special someone with a birthday and an unexpected appointment of her own waiting at the end of her schedule.

While coffee dates and vet checkups may sound everyday, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick makes them awesome. DeConnick’s dialogue is snappy, funny, and above all, real; it’s just as fun to watch Carol buy donuts as it is to see her let off some steam with Spider-Woman. DeConnick keeps it light and airy straight through to the end – then pulls the rug out from Carol in a way that’s uniquely tragic.

As far as art goes, don’t judge this comic book by it’s cover: Filipe Andrade’s interiors are nothing like Jamie McKelvie and Jordie Bellaire’s cover.

Andrade’s art is stylized, exaggerated and slightly anime in it’s proportions. It’s great, but it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It absolutely works for the story though; his lines are quick, fast and energetic, befitting the flow of Carol’s day.

And Andrade draws a great dinosaur.

Captain Marvel continues to shine bright, no matter which artist Marvel pairs with Kelly Sue DeConnick and her heroine.

If you love great dialogue and superheroes having fun, Captain Marvel #9 is a must.

9 out of 10

  1. January 17, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    I agree, this book was great. Andrade’s art isn’t going to be for everyone, but I loved it. And DeConnick writes excellent characters, and hilarious moments. The moment with the cab driver was great. “It’s Spider-Man undercover.” I also liked the cat hissing at the cab driver, and Tracy hissing at Jessica. That was good. And the hat. The hat!

    And then the ending was pretty crazy.

    I love that DeConnick is writing such a character-driven series. The lack of any real supervillains gives it a much more personal feel, I think. This isn’t a superhero comic. It’s a comic about a superhero. That can be hard to do. Fraction’s doing it over in Hawkeye, too. The two of them have somewhat similar writing styles, which may be part of why they got married.

    Anyway. This is one of my favourite comics coming out right now. Up there with X-Factor and Young Avengers. Which hasn’t been released, but come on, how could that one not be a favourite.

    • January 17, 2013 at 8:06 pm

      I just got into Hawkeye and I totally see your point. DeConnick’s “5 things to do today” reminded me of Fraction’s “9 mistakes I’ve made today” in Hawkeye #3. Great insight on the villain angle, too; I hadn’t noticed the absence of a villain, but that’s because she’s done such a great job of keeping the focus on Carol’s character.

      At this rate, I’m completely okay if she continues to beat up robots and dinosaurs. She’s an extremely well-written character.

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