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Comic Review: Saga #9

The WIll and The Stalk cover for Saga #9 Brian K Vaughn Fiona Staples

Writer Brian K. Vaughn takes a break from star-crossed heroes Alana and Marko to spend an issue with the deadly Freelancer The Will in the marvelous Saga #9.

The Will has girl troubles. Lots of girl troubles. He’s still hung up on his ex-lover and ex-partner The Stalk. He’s still disturbed by failing to rescue the Slave Girl from Sextillion. And remember the big Gwendolyn reveal from last issue? Well, she’s still in the picture, too.

Prince Robot IV is now on The Will’s hitlist, but his contract is for Alana and Marko, and Gwendolyn wants him to get back to task.

Thing is, The Will can’t get Sextillion out of his head, so Gwendolyn must team with him to put the Slave Girl issue to rest.

Vaughn and superb artist Fiona Staples finally get a chance to showcase just how badass The Will is by throwing him into a fight. He’s got a lot of moves, and so does Lying Cat.

Saga comic Lying Cat Brian K Vaughn Fiona Staples

No, I’m serious.

Fiona Staples makes The Will look part Batman, part Indiana Jones in his action sequence, and she also gets to play with some surreal images through a dream sequence.

The Will, Gwendolyn and the Slave Girl are the center figures of this issue, but don’t think for a second the story is all about them; Brian K. Vaughn is too good for that, and with a deft little twist of the story, he brings it all around to Alana and Marko. The connection is imaginative and perfectly executed.

It’s damn tough to cheer against The Will, and it’s a damn shame he’s hunting Alana and Marko.

They’re about to get The Will troubles.

9.5 out of 10

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