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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #16

Wonder Woman #16 cover Diana by Cliff Chiang New 52

Wonder Woman #16 is a deep breath after a flurry of activity; it’s a chance for everyone to settle down, collect themselves, and prepare for the path forward.

Blindfolded Milan is the man behind the flies on the cover, and he uses them to keep Orion and Diana from tearing each other apart. Instead, the New God and Wonder Woman get to know each other a bit, and find out they’ve got one goal in common: rescuing Zola’s baby from Hermes. They agree to cease hostilities for now, and Milan the seer points them in the right direction.

Milan becomes a central figure in this issue not just for his all-seeing powers, but also for the literal belly full of insects he has at his command. He’s just the latest creative immortal to come out of the myth-inspired Brian Azarello.

The other central figure is the unnamed god in the Arctic. He’s still mighty pissed, and he doesn’t like it when the ice giants of Hades try to put him back into his prison. He wants a piece of the Greek Gods.

Orion is worried about Zola’s star-eyed child, but the big, muscular giant killer in the snow should be his real worry.

As with Wonder Woman #15, one of Brian Azarello’s brightest moments is an everyday conversation between trailer park girl Zola and fallen goddess Hera. Last time it was over television; this time, Hera needs a little help ordering something at the bar.

The bar scene isn’t all about the drink list, though. There are more than a few gods kicking around, and when the Queen of the Gods is slumming it, you can bet some angry relatives will come sniffing around.

Cliff Chiang remains a one-of-a-kind talent on art duties, while Brian Azarello’s subtle humour makes it easy to love the characters he’s collected around Wonder Woman.

Another great installment from a great partnership.

8 out of 10

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