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Comic Review: Batman and Robin Annual #1

Batman and Robin Annual #1 New 52 DC Comics Damian Wayne Andy Kubert Cover

Batman and Robin Annual #1 is at times amusing, at times painful, and overall a forgettable side trek that superficially prods at the Bruce and Damian Wayne relationship without really bringing anything new to the table or hitting any strong emotional notes.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi provides the amusing moments by making this Damian’s version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Damian sends Bruce on a European scavenger hunt to retrace the steps of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s courtship, but it’s a ploy so Robin can rule the roost. With Wayne Manor to himself, Damian takes the opportunity to try on Daddy’s cowl and go for a joy ride as Batman for a few days.

Damian’s Batman costume is a fun nod to the grown up, post-apocalyptic Damian of Batman #666, and it’s cute to see him put on a scary voice and try to be the tough guy with criminals and Commissioner Gordon, but Tomasi doesn’t offer any compelling conflict for Damian to resolve. With the real Batman gone, Batman Jr. does little more than chase down a gas thief and – if you’ve ever been to a gas station – you know they have security cameras that make a 10 year-old in a trenchcoat seem like overkill.

Story quibbles aside, the real flaw with this comic is the art.

Ardian Syaf just doesn’t cut it. His action panels are horribly twisted and disproportionate, and he can’t keep consistency between them. At times Bat-Damian is wearing tights, yet the next panel he’s got grey trousers on.

The inconsistencies would be forgivable if things looked good, but they don’t. There are multiple shots of Damian firing his grappling hook where his hips and shoulders are twisted in strange, Gumby-like poses that make you ache to look at. Even when the action is muted, Syaf’s facial expressions border on crazy-looking.

Ultimately, the art here is poor and the story is flat.

Batman and Robin Annual #1 is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in a Bat cowl, but it’s not nearly as fun.

5.5 out of 10

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