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Comic Review: Hawkeye #7

Hawkeye #7 Hurricane Sandy David Aja cover Marvel NOW! Matt Fraction

Hawkeye #7 is a phenomenal one-off split issue that combines two Hawkeyes, two artists, one writer and one killer hurricane to create a funny, poignant, and genuine response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

Matt Fraction has always made Hawkeye about the everyday life of Clint Barton, and while that usually means exploring the nuances of holding an apartment building barbeque or helping a dog that’s been hit by a car, it also means dealing with the kinds of problems a superhero with a cape can’t save you from.

That’s exactly what happened when Hurricane Sandy flooded New York and New Jersey.

In times of disaster, people cling to their loved ones, both living and gone. They band together to help one another get through crisis. Community drives them, and anonymous charity is everywhere.

Fraction captures that perfectly in Hawkeye #7. Clint Barton and Kate Bishop are both heroes and victims because ultimately, they’re just like everyone else. Their acts of heroism are inspiring, but we see the same acts from the everyday people in this story.

In times of disaster, anyone can be a hero.

The story follows Clint Barton helping a friend in Brooklyn while Kate Bishop attends a wedding in New Jersey. When the hurricane hits, they do their best to keep people’s heads above water, and they do it with the typical Fraction combination of wit and understated heart.

Steve Lieber takes the art duties for Hawkguy’s half of the book and delivers some excellent work that’s very much in the spirit of regular David Aja’s hand. Jesse Hamm draws in for the second block to render Kate Bishop in a more cartoon, Archie-like style that perfectly captures the feel of a New Jersey wedding Kate really doesn’t want to go to.

Hawkeye #7 is a compelling fiction based on real events. It’s worth it for the story alone, but know that when you buy this comic, all of Matt Fraction’s royalties are going straight to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Read Hawkeye. Be a little bit of a hero yourself.

Not that you need another reason to read one of the best comics at Marvel today.

9.5 out of 10

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