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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #7

All-New X-Men #7 cover Marvel NOW! David Marquez Mystique and Scott Summers Cyclops

All-New X-Men #7 is a brilliant Scott Summers character study made possible by Mystique, the queen of character actors.

The story starts with Cyclops visiting a bank to rifle through the cherished objects of his older self and morphs into a dialogue with Mystique that explores the core characteristics of Scott Summers, young and old.

Mystique is never quite what you expect her to be here, but it’s her message – not her deceptions – that are important.

Brian Michael Bendis has taken a page out of It’s a Wonderful Life to script a truly masterful character story with All-New X-Men #7. Mystique appears and disappears like a guardian angel, and her deft touches with young Scott are just the right moves to reveal just what this character is all about.

Cyclops fans upset with the direction he’s taken will enjoy this comic immensely, and those who’ve turned on Scott the Elder will be drawn closer to Scott the Younger after reading this.

The Wolverine/young Scott relationship also gets some work, and appears to be morphing into a reluctant stepfather/stepson kind of dynamic. Neither one is happy to be stuck working with the other, and both want to make their opinions known, but ultimately they recognize the good in one another.

Mixed in with all the Scott talk is a hilarious exchange between All-New X-Men babysitter Kitty Pryde and an upstart Ice Man/Boy. It’s short, a little convoluted in the paneling but plenty of fun nonetheless. Scott may be finding himself, but Bendis doesn’t forget that the rest of the team needs to be whipped into shape.

David Marquez makes this book look great, and his skills are on full display in the dozen text-free opening panels of the comic. Marquez quietly shows incognito Scott entering the bank, scoping out the place and the people, all while slipping in little visual cues to establish the mood. There’s a stack of magazines with the old Cyclops’ Rolling Stone cover; there’s an X-Men support pin on an office worker; there’s a security camera watching and recording everything. It’s a wonderful small panel sequence that plays to Marquez’s strengths.

All-New X-Men #7 proves that sometimes, the quiet comic moments can be the best ones.

9 out of 10

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