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Comic Review: Hawkeye #8

Comic Hawkeye #8 David Aja Cherry Cover Marvel Now! Matt Fraction

Sometimes a dame is nothing but trouble, bro.

She walks into your life and you know she’s bad news, but you just can’t help yourself. Before long, you’re in over your head and she’s walking away scot-free.

That’s exactly what happens to Hawkguy when the wild redhead from issue #3 comes calling at Avengers Mansion for help against the Tracksuit Draculas in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye #8.

Fraction delivers yet another hilarious and fun issue touched by that special kind of awkwardness that comes out when your current squeeze gets put in the same room as your ex. Thing is, it’s quadrupled here, as Clint’s new femme fatale gets to meet Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, Kate Bishop and Black Widow in quick succession.

Expect arched eyebrows all around.

Redheaded Cherry – very much a passenger the last time we saw her – grabs this story and our hero by the balls and bulldozes through everything in her way. She’s a dead sexy and downright deadly femme fatale, and she’s got poor Clint wrapped around her little finger.

See, she used to work for the Russians, and they’ve got something she wants back. She’s used Clint once, and she needs him again for a straight up stick-up job: he brings the muscle, she brings the red bikini. And the trouble.

Poor Clint Barton is soon in way over his head, with bigger baddies than the Russians taking notice of his actions, all because of Cherry.

David Aja deserves tons of credit for making Cherry the firecracker she is. His art is stellar and his cover has a distinct 1960s, James Bond quality to it, but it’s not the only marvelous cover in this issue.

That’s right: Fraction makes this comic fun by making it a comic about comics, and he works in a series of pulpy dime store covers to that effect. There’s an Archie-inspired cover, a racy cover, a horror cover and a few more well-timed insertions, all drawn by the superbly talented Annie Wu.

Hawkeye #8 is a can’t-miss comic and an easy jumping on point for people who haven’t picked up the most enjoyable comic at Marvel today.

As Clint likes to say: “This looks bad.”

But that’s what makes this so good.

9 out of 10

  1. March 2, 2013 at 12:44 am

    I really do enjoy how this series is very much about the awkwardness of sexuality. There’s no romance – just the pain of being a guy with a lot of different desires trying to do what’s right. Great review.

  2. March 2, 2013 at 1:25 am

    You’re totally right about the relationship angle. Fraction makes it icky and complicated and confusing in a way that we see in life, but rarely in comics. I love the awkwardness between Clint and Kate, and Clint has that same awkwardness with Cherry, who’s much more assertive than Kate. Clint’s not ready for her aggression, and you can see he’s just trying to keep up.

    I read that Fraction is going to explore Clint’s relationships with the various women on the Avengers team in a future issue. I get uncomfortable just thinking about how that’ll play out. Should be great!

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