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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #8

All-New X-Men #8 David Marquez Warren Worthington flying with Angel Marvel

Warren Worthington has slipped under the radar thus far, but in All-New X-Men #8, he finally gets to share the spotlight – with himself.

Brian Michael Bendis brings loads of humour and a touch of outrage to the latest issue of All-New X-Men by teaming Warren up with Angel, his future self, in what proves to be the most intriguing Big Brother experience yet.

Bendis and artist David Marquez bring the fun in this issue as Big Warren and Little Warren share some quality time and display their different powers by fending off a Hydra attack on Avengers Tower. Big Warren is carefree and having fun; Little Warren is freaking out the whole time.

When Young Jean Grey discovered that she died a few times, it didn’t phase her. Then again, she didn’t get to talk to her future self. Now, when Warren sees what his future self has gone through – healing powers and metal wings notwithstanding – he doesn’t need to know what happened: it’s enough for him to know that it must have been some scary stuff.

Back at the Jean Grey School for the Gifted, the Avengers come knocking because they’ve figured out Hank McCoy’s little time travel ploy, and they’re not happy. And, while it’d be fine to hear Captain America chew out Beast, it’s even more fun to hear Kitty Pryde and Ice Man supply sarcastic dialogue for the exchange. Their voiceover for Beast is particularly good, and reminiscent of Will Ferrell in his old Matrix Reloaded MTV skit.

It’s all good, clean fun, and so is the art: Marquez brings a crisp, airy touch and some sharp, aerial view paneling to an issue focused on a pair of angels.

Bendis is taking his time establishing this new team in the present day, and every minute of it is enjoyable. And, while this issue focuses primarily on the not-so-eager Warren Worthington, young Jean Grey arrives at a pivotal moment to leave a disturbing final impression on the last page.

Young and old, the All-New X-Men are a crew you’ve got to love reading, and a crew you’d love to hang out with.

It’s just fun.

8.5 out of 10

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