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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #9

Stuart Immonen All-New X-Men #9 Sentinels in Times Square

Take five kids on a field trip to Times Square and you’re going to have some issues.

Take five kids with mutant powers on a field trip to Times Square and you’re going to have Sentinel-sized issues, and more Sentinel-sized melodrama than you can shake a stick at.

That’s what Kitty Pryde gets in All-New X-Men #9, the latest and greatest from Brian Michael Bendis and returning artist Stuart Immonen, whose pencils add an extra level to this already masterful comic.

All-New X-Men #9 is damn fun, and it’s damn gorgeous.

This issue takes Kitty Pryde’s new charges out for a test run and uses the conflict to hit all the right notes in a showcase of what this heretofore splintered team can do when they’re put together and thrown into a fight.

The results are what you might expect from a pack of moody teenagers.

Brian Michael Bendis captures the teenage angle perfectly. He gives us a Jean Grey who’s too confident in herself, a Warren Worthington who’s determined to remain aloof, and a Bobby Drake who makes a joke out of everything. Scott Summers is too private – especially about this chick Mystique he met the other day – and Hank McCoy isn’t too stellar when the fighting starts.

The All-New X-Men are wearing yellow and blue, but they are very green.

This is a team of raw kids, and they’re all pulling in different directions. The glorious thing about it is Bendis doesn’t pick one character to follow: he gives enough from everyone to make each character arc fascinating.

Jean Grey is, perhaps, the most dangerous story, as her powers are quickly outstripping her maturity. We saw her force Warren to her way of thinking at the end of last issue, and she shows no remorse for doing it. What more is she capable of?

Despite all the great work with the core team, Bendis also takes time to let Mystique and Sabertooth raise some hell at a S.H.I.E.L.D. prison. Mystique has been doing a lot of behind the scenes in this title; we’ll no doubt see her step into the spotlight very soon.

Mystique better wait in line, though. Readers of Uncanny X-Men already know these X-Men are on a collision course with Cyclops’ rebel team.

Cyclops comes knocking at the Jean Grey School for the Gifted.

How will Kitty Pryde’s X-Men respond to the visit?

9 out of 10

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