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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #11

Captain Marvel #11 Carol Danvers by Joe Quinones

Carol Danvers can’t catch a break.

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Air Force pilot turned ass-kicking superhero meets one bad turn after another in Captain Marvel #11.

Grounded by a mysterious brain lesion, humbled by an aerial drubbing at the hands of Deathbird, and now threatened by a mysterious pinstriped puppeteer, you wouldn’t blame Carol if she took some time to step back and get her life in order.

But the great thing about Carol Danvers is she meets her problems head on with a brash, hard-headed style you can’t help but admire.

Captain Marvel #11 is no “Woe is me!” tale: it stacks the deck against its hero and watches her meet her challenges head on at every turn. Things keep getting worse, but quitting is never an option.

After being dropped back to Earth by Deathbird at the end of issue #10, Carol is forced to face some hard truths about her health – and her beloved flight abilities. She’s feeling pretty mortal all of a sudden, and after her dramatic fall, everyone else knows she’s mortal, too.

Much of this story involves Carol testing the limits of her other powers so that she can still be effective against the thugs who are harassing the people she cares about. All the while there are noisy birds shadowing her, a constant reminder that Deathbird – or whoever she is – is still very much a threat.

Despite a few slow, medical mumbo jumbo-filled opening pages, Captain Marvel #11 quickly rounds into another excellent partnership between the witty dialogue of co-writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela and the stylish, free flowing art of Filipe Andrade.

Andrade’s Deathbird looks particularly fantastic perched on the edge of a park bench, and his Captain Marvel is always at her best when she’s moving. Throw in some fantastic watercolor work from colorist Jordie Bellaire and another sharp cover from Joe Quinones and you’ve got yet another striking and chic book from this Captain Marvel run.

With a triumphant final scene for Carol Danvers and a Mr. Pinstripe reveal teased for next issue, Captain Marvel #11 proves that while its hero is grounded, there’s no stopping this title from flying high every month.

9 out of 10

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