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Comic Review: Superior Spider-Man #6AU

Superior Spider-Man #6 Age of Ultron Tie-in cover

Superior Spider-Man #6 feels like the death of Peter Parker all over again, as Christos Gage snatches back the Peter of the main Age of Ultron title and reveals that Otto Octavius has just become extremely good at playing his role. The story may be in the future, but this is still very much the Superior Spider-Man: self-inflated, dour, mean, and thoroughly disappointing.

Only Dexter Soy’s art keeps this comic from falling into the gutter completely. Soy, who recently excelled for a half-dozen issues on Captain Marvel, proves capable of delivering an excellent Spidey, albeit a tattered one. His cover is particularly fantastic, and it’s a shame that so much of the Age of Ultron is filled with boring, depressing grey rubble. It only confines Soy’s work to the various superheroes of the resistance.

Christos Gage is not nearly so noteworthy in his writing, because his story never steps beyond what you would expect out of its basic premise.

Picture Otto Octavius up against Ultron and the broad strokes are pretty obvious. Otto thinks he’s brilliant enough to take down any upstart robot, so he spends some time in the lab, invents something, then is summarily shut down because this event can’t be solved so soon, god damn it! Add in an excess of cynical monologue about being “Superior” to everything and you can quickly imagine just how depressing and uninviting Superior Spider-Man #6 is.

Out of the regular timeline, unfortunately still in Otto Octavius continuity and as dour as you can get without a body count, Superior Spider-Man #6 is certainly no peach. Christos Gage ruins the Peter Parker illusion and then puts Spidey right back where he found him, leaving the Age of Ultron storyline no further along and ultimately doing nothing at all for Spider-Man himself.

When does Age of Ultron get fun?

5 out of 10

  1. March 28, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I really enjoyed this comic, but your criticisms of it are certainly fair. I’m not so sure AGE OF ULTRON is going to be a whole lot of fun, but I like the hopeless dystopia that Bendis and Hitch have created.

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