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Comic Review: Age of Ultron #5

Age of Ultron #5 cover by Bryan Hitch Marvel NOW!

It’s about time Marvel’s heroes started playing hero and fighting back.

Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch’s Age of Ultron #5 gives the surviving Marvel heroes a chance to get off their heels and start taking the fight to Ultron, thanks in no small part to the paranoia of Mr. Paranoid himself, Nick Fury.

It’s great to finally see Brian Michael Bendis get all of his characters pulling in the same direction in this comic. We’ve know about the Ultron problem for a while, but now, the survivors are ready to do something about it.

Bendis opens Age of Ultron #5 with a well-timed flashback to Vision’s reactivation (just before being possessed by future Ultron) in a scene that nicely sets up the Ultron/human dynamic. Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym are all there to wake Vision up, and their conversation serves as a natural recap for how Ultron and Vision were created.

Flash forward to the present dystopia of Age of Ultron, where the survivors find their way into a Savage Land bunker and get their hands on the tech inside. Fortunately, that tech includes a time machine, and there’s much debate about how to use said device. Bendis lampshades the concept by including Hitler and Eve in the discussion, but ultimately he keeps the story on-mission and leads it toward an Ultron confrontation.

See, this is Nick Fury’s bunker, and it comes prepared – complete with a fully-posable Nick Fury himself. Fury provides some much-needed tech upgrades, including an old school Iron Man suit that will get Tony out of his Tron outfit.

This is a very wordy comic, but after the slow pace of the previous installements in this series, it’s worth sitting through the dialogue to finally get to some action.

Bryan Hitch is not so well-served by the heavy dialogue. Where earlier he exceled drawing ruined futuristic cityscapes, it feels like he’s itching to get back to that in this more character-centric issue. His layouts are double-wide, spanning two pages and taking the panel-to-panel storytelling across both pages instead of doing one side and then the other. His Logan in particular is not so great, and it’s obvious he’s aching to break out into gigantic vistas again.

He gets his chance in only one two-page spread, where we get a terrifying flashback to Ultron devastating Austin, Texas on the day of his global takeover.

Age of Ultron #5 still takes it time with the storytelling, but now that the world has been set up, Brian Michael Bendis is off to the races with his narrative. Act 3 of the story jumps forward in time for Age of Ultron #6.

Who knows what it will bring?

8 out of 10

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