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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #12

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel #12 volume 7 cover by Joe Quinones

It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for.

Deathbird versus Captain Marvel.

Or, Shi’ar warrior versus Carol Danvers and her flying lawnmower.

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela wrap up Carol Danvers’ brain lesion/Deathbird story arc with a bang heading into the Enemy Within crossover, while Filipe Andrade’s kinetic art style really gets a chance to soar in Captain Marvel #12.

Ever since joining the title in issue #9, Filipe Andrade’s expressive, stylized hand has been just dying to draw Carol in motion. You’d never peg Andrade for a courtroom sketch artist; his work is at its best when he’s drawing movement, and this comic gives him room to really cut loose.

Like Carol Danvers, Andrade is just dying to fly.

And that’s what he gets to do here, as the majority of this climactic issue pits the wingclipped Captain Marvel against her aerial nemesis, Deathbird, in a high-flying battle sequence centered around Carol’s borrowed hoverbike.

Their entire battle is centered around one rule for Carol: Don’t fly.

Carol’s aerial fight with Deathbird is as high stakes as it gets, but it’s also a lot of fun because Carol always maintains the witty banter that makes her such an enjoyable character. If you miss wisecracking Peter Parker (and can’t settle for his blue ghost substitute), Captain Marvel’s snappy dialogue may help fill that void.

Captain Marvel does a lot of bird-smashing in this issue, but not all of the action happens in the air. Her physician has found another doctor who has treated the same type of brain lesion, and the patient – and the prognosis – are startling revelations in themselves. The conversation between the two doctors only heightens the tension in Carol’s battle with Deathbird, and perhaps offers a glimpse of where Carol’s story is going with Enemy Within.

Captain Marvel #12 is witty and energetic, gorgeous and badass. It’s everything great about this character, and while it’s Filipe Andrade’s swansong on the series, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick is about to launch Carol into the stratosphere with Avengers: The Enemy Within #1.

Captain Marvel will surely fly again.

But when?

9.5 out of 10

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