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Comic Review: Age of Ultron #6

Age of Ultron #6 by Brandon Peterson Marvel NOW

After a meandering, scene-setting first few issues, Marvel’s robot post-apocalyptic event kicks into top gear in Age of Ultron #6, written by Brian Michael Bendis and with art split between Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco.

The surviving Marvel heroes have found Nick Fury’s bunker in the Savage Land, and with it, Dr. Doom’s time platform. Captain America uses the platform to take everyone forward in time and lop off Ultron from his position of power; Wolverine, on the other hand, decides to go back in time (along with stowaway Sue Storm) to eliminate Hank Pym before he can create Ultron.

The split narrative makes for two equally engaging, equally well-drawn branches that try to solve the same problem in radically different ways.

In the future, Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron Man and the others sound as gung-ho as we’ve seen anyone so far in this series. When Nick Fury starts barking orders, you just want to stand up and say “Hell, yeah!”

And the cover is no exaggeration: the survivors soon end up battling swarm after swarm of Ultron bots over a completely mechanized landscape.

For his part, Brandon Peterson’s artwork brings out plenty of the colour and dynamic visuals you’d expect out of a team of superheroes fighting a city full of flying Ultrons. His Iron Man MK II looks especially great, as the old school design is very much in keeping with the sci fi ’80s landscape their fighting over.

Equally worthy is Carlos Pacheco’s hand on pencils as he draws Logan and Sue in the past. His artwork is a tad cleaner, a tad more natural than the future panels, emphasizing just how much Ultron has warped the world. Hank Pym’s retro blue and yellow Goliath costumes feels totally natural, while Sue Storm’s Fantastic Four jumpsuit looks suitably futuristic for a time traveler.

Pacheco also boasts the best panel in this comic, a black and red silhouette on the final page that positively throbs with violence.

For a comic that’s had its issues with pacing in the past, Age of Ultron #6 is right where it should be. It shifts seamlessly between the past and the future, and the shifts become quicker and more harried the faster the action becomes.

Age of Ultron #6 makes it worth the trip getting here. This is a series that will probably read better in a collection, but if you’ve come this far, it’s simply too good to stop now.

9 out of 10

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