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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #19

Wonder Woman #19 Diana kisses Orion New 52 DC Comics

Is there a better New 52 female character than Wonder Woman?

She’s tough, kind, friendly and self-confident, and she’ll never take a back seat or become the eye candy in a so-called man’s world.

She also kicks a lot of ass.

Wonder Woman #19 is filled with plenty of reasons to fall in love with golden-hearted Diana all over again as this character-heavy issue begins arranging the various immortal chess pieces on the board for Brian Azzarello’s next big arc in his mythology-rich Wonder Woman saga.

One of those pieces is Zola’s much-coveted little baby, newly returned to the arms of his mother and very much in need of a name. This comic is worth it alone to watch Zola pass her baby around to the various members of her newfound ersatz family, including Hera, War, and stone-faced Lennox. they’ve all got their suggestions (Diana thinks “Steve” is a wonderful name), but in the end it’s more the process than the result that counts.

The same could be said for this entire book.

Azzarello’s writing is fantastic – especially when Diana turns an unexpected kiss into a capital G Girl Power moment – and he truly brings every character to life. Old enemies like Hell, Apollo and Moon are back to their conniving ways, and there’s no way the brutish First Born will stay in the belly of Poseidon.

But even with dark clouds threatening, Diana’s motley crew will have you believing they can pull through – even if they’ll soon be one short.

Goran Sudzuka and Tony Akins are excellent on the artwork, with particular credit due for their depiction of Orion. The guy is a big, dumb, mysogynistic oaf in this issue (until Diana takes care of him), and he is drawn very much in that vein.
Sudzuka and Akins have been hopping in and out of this series, but they’re clearly getting more comfortable with it.

Wonder Woman #19 is Diana at her best, surrounded by her loved ones and making them all feel safe – but taking no grief as she does it.

Brian Azzarello writes these characters so, so well, and imagines Diana’s mythological world so, so well, that no matter what the story, it’s just worth it to hang out in this world for a couple dozen pages.

9.5 out of 10

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