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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #11

All-New X-Men #11 Stuart Immonen Marvel NOW cover

Jean Grey has always been the heart of the X-Men, and she’s certainly the heart of All-New X-Men #11, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stuart Immonen.

All-New X-Men #11 goes back and gives Angel’s departure from the original X-Men the attention it deserves, but Jean Grey remains the focal point of this series through her reaction to his defection.

This issue fits best if read directly after All-New X-Men #10, because Angel’s lacklustre debut in Uncanny X-Men steals a lot of the thunder of from his choice.

It’s handled much better all around in this comic. Bendis provides reaction from all the original X-Men and proceeds to use Jean as a jumping off point for a discussion of free will. She’s used her abilities to bring Warren around before, but Kitty Pryde isn’t going to let her do it again.

Uncanny readers will know that the Angel ship has already set sail, but it’s worthwhile to see the impact of that decision on the team. Bendis allows the confrontation between the mutants to flare up into the conflict you’d expect from this first encounter. And it’s certainly nice to see the X-Men picnic turn into more of a fight, because there’s already been plenty of talking in this oft-repeated encounter (now depicted in three separate comics).

Stuart Immonen’s pencils and Bendis’ script are at their best in the aftermath of the Uncanny confrontation as they show a touching conversation between Jean and Kitty. Bendis has done a wonderful job positioning Kitty as something of an older sister to Jean, helping her deal with her burgeoning abilities while also guiding her toward a more responsible, adult way of acting.

Not to be forgotten amid all this X-Men bickering is Mystique, who finally shows some of her cards when the Uncanny Avengers arrive at the Jean Grey School to straighten out what they see as a rogue set of time travel kiddies. It’s very reminiscent of the main Avengers team showing up in Uncanny X-Men, but it’s fun that Bendis went the Uncanny Avengers route and brought in Alex Summers.

All-New X-Men #11 comes in with momentum and rolls out with speed in a new direction. Bendis hits some important character notes in this issue while getting some key story points out of the way as well.

Jean Grey continues to move toward center stage, and judging from how she’s been handled so far, that’s only going to be a good thing.

8 out of 10

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