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Comic Review: Batwoman #20

Batwoman #20 DC Comics New 52 cover by J.H. Williams III

Artist Trevor McCarthy settles in to deliver the typical breathtaking visuals that go hand-in-hand with this series, and writers J.H. Williams III and W. Hayden Blackman ratchet up the Kane family drama in Batwoman #20.

McCarthy’s been on Batwoman for a few issues now, but Batwoman #20 is easily his best work yet. His lines are very clean, almost severe, which works for the tone of the character.

McCarthy draws a gorgeous SWAT team raid on a Religion of Crime hideout filled with Batwoman mannequins, and his action scenes with Batwoman herself are fantastic. When she kicks or punches, the objects she hits are blurred like an action photo taken with a low quality camera.

Blackman and Williams (who is no artistic slouch himself) write a strong script that offers some backstory to Kane sister Beth’s resurrection and the D.E.O.’s discovery of Batwoman’s secret identity. They also zero in on the Kane family, first putting Kate in a room with Beth, then setting Kate up for an intervention-style encounter with everyone else in her family.

Blackman and Williams handle the family moments with subtlety, restraint and humanity, demonstrating yet again why this is one of the better titles coming out of DC Comics lately.

And you certainly can’t say they don’t have cojones; they’re putting Batwoman on a collision course with none other than Batman himself.

Batwoman #20 is focused, well-written and beautifully drawn. With Batwoman set to challenge the Dark Knight, this title feels like a bullet train about to leave the station.

Better climb on board.

9 out of 10

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