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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #20

Wonder Woman #20 DC Comics New 52 cover by Cliff Chiang

Brian Azzarello draws together his more disparate plot threads in Wonder Woman #20 to offer up a stellar issue that probes the nature of Diana’s abilities while propelling the long-brewing Olympus storyline toward an impending climax.

The Olympian gods have been after little newborn baby Zeke for a while now, and this time, it’s Artemis who’s looking to hold the kid and never let him go.

Naturally, Diana leaps to the rescue, and the two daughters of Zeus have a titanic (or godly) throwdown in the sky over London. Artemis goads Diana all the while, urging her to take off her magic bracelets and cut loose with her fully godly power.

Meanwhile, stoney-faced Lennox proves he’s not quite ready to leave the family, and up on Olympus, Poseidon shows up to tell Apollo he’d better not get too comfy in the big chair, because the First Born is coming.

And speaking of, guess who shows up in London?

Brian Azzarello’s writing is nuanced and true to the characters he’s created – particularly in his depiction of Wonder Woman – and this feels like another organic installment in the long story he’s been building.

The same goes for the art, because visually, Wonder Woman #20 is as glorious as ever.

Art duties change every month on this title, but somehow, Cliff Chiang and company always manage to turn out a superior product, no matter how they split their efforts.

Goran Sudzuka draws in to shoulder most of the load for Wonder Woman #20, with Chiang doing breakdowns and a handful of front and rear pages. They’ve got shiny white Artemis looking otherworldly, Diana looking bright-eyed and valiant and Lennox looking like he’s got a skin condition.

In other words, they’re hitting the nail on the head every time.

Wonder Woman #20 does its own thing – outside DC continuity – and it does it well. Nobody takes an issue off on this title.

Neither should you.

9 out of 10

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