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Comic Review: Batman Incorporated #11

Batman Incorporated #11 Vol. 2 Batman of Japan
Chris Burnham spells Grant Morrison on writing duties and Jorge Lucas handles the art in Batman Incorporated #11, a Batman of Japan stand-alone issue filled with all the camp, colour and oddness of a ’90s Batman comic.

Burnham teams Jiro, the Batman of Japan, with a six-inch tall Sailor Moon look-alike with wings and a killer screeched named Canary. Canary and Jiro have an oddball romance going on that involves a whole lot of Internet 3.0 virtual reality to make up for their size differential. The VR makes for some strange but interesting scenes, including a dinner set in a miniature seafood restaurant with groupers and goldfish swimming by.

Burnham pits Batman of Japan and Canary against a gang of busty but brutal motorcycle babes who’ve got a definite Power Rangers theme going on. Each girl wears a heavy black-visored motorcycle helmet, a single-colour jumpsuit and is more than willing to get rough with anyone in her way.

Leading the bikers is Lady Tiger Fist, whose name pretty much speaks for itself.

Burnham’s plot is a bit hokey, especially when he weaves the virtual reality elements into it, but Burnham keeps the tone tongue in cheek throughouty. His dialogue is light and humourous – one biker even says “butt chunks” at one point – and there are some fun pop culture references to Casablanca and Dr. Who mixed in. He rushes the story a bit in some places and the villains are pretty flat, but they fit the aesthetic Burnham has established.

Jorge Lucas (not George Lucas’s Mexican doppleganger) evokes 1990s Knightfall Azrael as Batman by drawing a garishly coloured Batman of Japan costume, but Lucas is not too far off the regular art style for Batman Incorporated, so there is a sense of continuity there. His panels get overcrowded at times, and he’s got quite a few shots of the five monochromatic bikers just standing around, but overall the art holds up well and suits the story nicely.

Batman Incorporated #11 is inconsequential to Batman’s fight against Leviathan, but it’s a decent stand-alone adventure for the rarely-used Batman of Japan.

6.5 out of 10

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