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Comic Review: Batwoman #21

Batwoman #21 Cover DC Comics New 52 by JH WIlliams III

J.H. Williams III and W. Hayden Blackman pause Kate Kane to pick Killer Croc off the junk heap and tell his story in a true crime style that makes for a purely enjoyable Batwoman interlude.

Croc’s narrative picks up after his transformation into the hydra has been reversed. He’s back to being scaly, stupid Weylon Jones, but he’s also struggling with the aftereffects of being under Medusa’s control.

And that’s where Williams and Blackman succeed: they make this brutish character interesting by giving him some interiority and some struggle. He’s still simple – and his conflict is simple – but his voice rings true, especially when he goes after Batwoman and catches her giving Maggie a kiss.

Francesco Francavilla’s artwork is his best work yet in Batwoman #21. He’s found his balance between the artistic Batwoman panel conventions and his style to produce work that isn’t trying to be anything other than itself.

It’s a dirtier, pulpier style, but it looks goregous because Francavilla is so secure in his take on this world.

Batwoman #21 is the best interlude issue this series has seen yet. The art is magnificent, the writing is true, and the story fits in, even if it’s pausing the major plot arc.

8.5 out of 10

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