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Comic Review: Batman Incorporated #12

Batman Incorporated #12 Chris Burnham New 52

Grant Morrison ratchets up the action in Batman Incorporated #12 as he brings his Batman saga one step closer to its finale: a duel to the death between Bruce and Talia.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. And, really, is there any other way this story could end?

Batman Incorporated #12 is all about taking out Talia’s murderous Damian Wayne clone. Batman has juiced himself up with man-bat syrum and strapped on a high tech bat-mech suit so he can take revenge on his son’s killer.
He’s a man on the edge, and once the fight starts, it’s tough to believe Batman will know when to stop.

You can definitely expect to see the Dark Knight work his grief out by punching the clone as hard as he can, over and over, across just about every panel in this story.

The panels without the fight manage to lighten the mood a bit, as Red Robin and Nightwing meet up with Knight and the rest of Batman, Inc.

Morrison injects some humour into the reunion and explains the secret Spyral organization a bit, all in an effort to set up the broader story that will unfold in the last issue.

Batman has his own issues to deal with, and Batman, Inc. will have to take care of itself.

Chris Burnham’s art is subtle, yet it stands out when he’s drawing children’s faces. Burnham and Morrison stage part of the Batman/clone fight in a school bus full of kids, and the juxtaposition of an enraged Batman beating someone to death in front of children works well, considering that same person beat his own boy to death.

Burnham also gets to show the clone’s face for the first time, and that face – perhaps more than anything else – is the most uncanny and memorable image in this issue.

Batman Incorporated #12 is equal parts setup and payoff, as Batman takes his revenge on the clone while Talia puts Gotham on the brink of destruction.

It all ends next issue.

8 out of 10

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