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Comic Review: Wonder Woman #22

Wonder Woman #22 Cliff Chiang New 52

Wonder Woman #22 has something old, something new, something borrowed and something red, white and blue.

The old is semi-regular artist Cliff Chiang, back on board for this full issue and killing it as always with his fantastic pencils.

The something new is a visit to New Genesis, home of Orion and the high tech New Gods. Chiang draws the New Gods like something out of Flash Gordon sci fi, and writer Brian Azzarello expertly establishes the conflict between Orion and his kingly father in a few quick pages.

Orion is the real centerpiece of this story. Azzarello uses Wonder Woman and New Genesis to produce some engaging character moments in Orion, such that the last thing you want is for him to be left behind with his family. He’s become part of the Wonder Woman family, and you won’t want to see him go.

But back to our opening conceit.

As is so often the case, little Zeke becomes the something borrowed – or stolen – by powers who want the child of prophecy.

And that red, white and blue is Wonder Woman at her protective best, stepping forward to protect and care for her flock physically and emotionally.

Brian Azzarello’s pacing is perfect. He doesn’t let New Genesis derail his story with an overlong stay, and he doesn’t forget about what’s happening on Earth. There’s a powerful through line to the story here, and longtime readers will find it compelling.

If you’re not on board Wonder Woman yet, now’s a great time to get hitched.

9 out of 10

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