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Comic Review: All-New X-Men #15

All-New X-Men #15 Hank McCoy Beast kissing Jean Grey Marvel NOW

The X-verse is going to get intense in a hurry next month with Marvel’s Battle of the Atom event, but before Brian Michael Bendis ratchets up the stakes, he uses All-New X-Men #15 to have some pure, unadulterated cartoon fun.

Artist David LaFuente is part of that cartoon fun, as his art style looks like something you’d see on Saturday morning TV. It’s a departure from the still colourful but more lifelike work of regular Stuart Immonen and fill-in David Marquez, but given the tone of this particular story, it totally works.

LaFuente is at his best with some great visual comedy moments here, including a chance encounter between young Jean Grey and Rachel Summers.

Still, the comic feels at times like you’re reading a cartoon adaptation of the comic book because of its little differences. Ice Man, for instance, is in his full human form (young and old) for the first time in the series, and spends most of the comic that way.

Bendis has certainly written All-New X-Men #15 like a teenager’s cartoon. It sees Jean Grey play love interest yet again, this time for Hank McCoy (no spoiler, it’s on the cover).

Meanwhile, Bobby Drake and Scott Summers play hookie and start showing off their powers to kids at the fair. The mutants aren’t ostracized or persecuted; they’re just out to collect some phone numbers and have some fun.

And fun is the operative word here. The characters deserve a little fun and you, dear reader, certainly do too.

Not a lot happens in terms of plot, but that’s okay.

Pick up All-New X-Men #15 and have a good time with it.

7.5 out of 10

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