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Comic Review: Captain Marvel #15

Captain Marvel #15 Infinity cover

“Once something on this scale starts, you can’t see the whole battle – just your little slice of it.”

So says Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel #15, and it’s about as apt a summary for this issue as you can get.

While the story arc of this series might have been better served by a calming reset issue after Carol’s near death experience in Captain Marvel #14, the greater machine that is the Marvel Universe simply can’t wait around.

That means it’s tie-in time, and writer Kelly Sue DeConnick proves herself ready to play ball for the Avengers Infinity event.

DeConnick and guest co-writer Jen Van Meter take Carol’s persepective for a space battle that pits the evil Builders against the Avengers and most of the other spacefaring species in the Marvel galaxy.

The fight happens on the edge of a black hole and there’s plenty of spaceship battles, so if you’re used to Carol grabbing coffee and fighting dinosaurs on Earth, this story kind of feels out of left field.

It does, however, fit the tone of Jonathan Hickman’s larger Avengers story.

Artist Patrick Olliffe is a big part of that, as his pencils are more in line with what we see in the main Avengers title. Olliffe draws some excellent battle scenes, but his real standout is the last page of this issue.

The cover hints at a supercharged Captain Marvel, but it really doesn’t do justice to Olliffe’s version of flame-haired Cap. The page is, quite simply, one of the coolest you’ll see this week.

In terms of fallout from Carol’s Yon-Rogg issues – what with the brain damage and the falling back to Earth – she looks none the worse for wear.

But the damage isn’t visible.

Carol channels Dexter a lot in this issue, not in that she’s dying to kill people, but in that she’s faking emotion because it seems like the thing to do. Her brain damage has cut out a chunk of her memories; she knows who she is and what she’s supposed to do, but she’s lost the memories that connect her to the people in her life.

No doubt DeConnick will give this more attention when her hands are no longer tied by the Infinity event, but in the mean time, she’s set Carol up for a killer next issue.

As the one constant on this series, DeConnick has made it consistently strong, and she continues to do so under tie-in pressure.

On the art end, Captain Marvel has been rotating artists for a while now. They’ve often been highly stylized, off-beat artists, and each has inexplicably drawn Carol with a new, odd hairstyle.

Patrick Olliffe brings this issue closer to traditional comic book art, but his Carol Danvers fire hair has to be the best hairdo yet.

We’re talking new iPhone background here, people.

8 out of 10

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