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Comic Review: Justice League #23

DC Comics Justice League 23 Trinity War

DC’s first big New 52 event begins here in Justice League #23‘s conclusion to Trinity War, written by Geoff Johns with Ivan Reis on pencils.

If you’ve avoided the spoilers on this, congratulations, you win the Invisible Medal for Self-Control.

But whether or not you know what happens, and whether or not you’ve read the earlier entries in Trinity War, this issue is a must-have as a setup for September’s Villains Month at DC.

Johns does a nice runthrough of the story so far at the start of this issue, making it a nice entry point while also preparing for the climax of the six-issues long Trinity War.

Essentially, the Justice Leagues of Everything show up in Athens and try to open Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box starts radiating evil thoughts and soon has everyone at each other’s throats.

Superman is hardest-hit, not only because he’s sick from something – revealed here – but also because he falls prey to his jealousy of Batman.

Cue the hero versus hero fight scenes, complete with double page action spreads from Ivan Reis.

Reis does what he does best here as he has these pages positively brimming with climactic action. Visually, Justice League #23 is a busy, busy comic.

And then there’s the end.

Yes, I’m going to strip you of your Invisible Medal for Self-Control.

Cyborg gets screwed over, the Secret Society leader is revealed to be a certain butler, and Pandora’s Box opens a portal to Earth Three, home of the Justice League’s evil dopplegangers, the Crime Syndicate.

Next month’s Forever Evil #1 will see the Crime Syndicate lay a beating on the Justice League.

And all the while, I’ll be reading Owlman with the voice of James Woods.

7.5 out of 10

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