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Comic Review: Forever Evil #1

Forever Evil #1 David Finch DC Comics

Geoff Johns and David Finch are having some wicked fun with Forever Evil #1.

You can see it everywhere.

It’s in Johns’s plot as he breaks the bad guys out of prison and gives Nightwing a really, really bad day.

It’s in Finch’s pencil when he shows Ultraman vapourizing a guy with heat vision.

And it’s in the double-foldout spread of the new Secret Society, composed of basically every DC villain, that holds down center spot in this comic.

Forever Evil #1 doesn’t get too complicated or wordy. It’s one big jail break and baddie celebration, punctuated by some gleeful scenery-chewing evil talk from Ultraman.

This story is all about the bad guys breaking loose, banding together and telling each other how much they can’t believe the Justice League hasn’t stopped them yet.

In fact, the Justice League is nowhere to be found. Rather, Johns suggests we’ll find out what happened to them in later issues, because the Crime Syndicate gives us nothing more than a proclamation that “The Justice League is dead!” followed by some grim trophies from Superman and Wonder Woman.

Dead or not, the Justice League is gone, and the villains are having a party without them.

But this isn’t just a rampage issue.

Johns picks Lex Luthor as an anchor point for the story and uses him to add some nuance and intrigue to the new state of things.

On top of that, he shows us some of the second tier remaining heroes as they struggle to come to grips with the disappearance of their more powerful friends.

Nightwing is the poster boy for this, as he gets caught by surprise and beaten to a pulp by Owlman, Batman’s evil opposite. What follows has some pretty massive implications for Nightwing, but I’ll leave that for the rest of the Internet to spoil.

Forever Evil #1 is bursting with evil costumes and colour that we typically don’t see all at once, making it a visual treat as much as it is a well-written event opener.

The Justice League isn’t home.

How about we let these guys tear the house apart a bit until they get back?

9 out of 10

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