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Comic Review: The Riddler #1

Batman #23.2 The Riddler #1 DC Comics cover

Poor Edward Nygma.

He’s just a Q without a U.

He’s got no Batman to match wits with, so he’s reduced to petty revenge on an ex-Arham Asylum security guard.

But just because his revenge is petty, doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

Scott Snyder helps with the plotting but Riddler #1 is Ray Fawkes’ car to drive, and he takes it down a good road.

Fawkes sets his Riddler story in the chaos of post-Justice League Gotham, where Riddler is struggling to find something to do with himself. He settles on cracking the most impregnable building in the city: Wayne Tower.

Riddler’s got the tower security all figured out, of course, but the fun is not in what he does; it’s in how he does it.

Fawkes sets the story up with a string of riddles, then has Riddler knock those riddles off one by one on his way through the tower. Each answer corresponds to a security system or event that the Riddler foresees and cleverly subdues.

The story ends on a predictable though inescapable note that we’ve seen in other villain books: when the good guy’s away, the bad guys miss him. In this case, Riddler is left playing solitaire on the roof of Wayne Tower.

Jeremy Haun runs the pencils here with serviceable if not standout skill, while colorist John Rausch really makes the greens pop out of the page.

But make no mistake: Riddler #1 is all about the mind, not the image. It’s a fun heist-type story and, while it doesn’t deliver much in terms of its Zero Year tie-in promise, it is a worthwhile read nonetheless.

8.5 out of 10

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