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Comic Review: Damian: Son of Batman #1

Damian Son of Batman #1 Andy Kubert

Damian Wayne lives!

sort of.

Batman is dead!

sort of.


Written and drawn by Andy Kubert, Damian: Son of Batman is a leap forward in time and a throwback to Grant Morrison’s work all in one comic.

Needless to say, this story pretends Damian never died and instead grew up to young adult age as Batman’s sidekick. It’s also got Talia still alive, so don’t go in hoping for continuity.

Instead, you’re better off to look at this as almost a pre-New 52 story. Kubert certainly presents it that way, particularly in the art style. The colours look a little faded, a little dated, like something you dug out of your longbox on a nostalgic whim. Kubert even draws Batman in the style we grew accustomed to during Morrison’s run; there’s no New 52 costume lines, and more blue in the costume than grey.

And as a world unto itself, Damian: Son of Batman is pretty damn good. It gets the obvious out of the way (sorry, Batman) by blowing the Dark Knight up with a Joker fish early on, prompting Damian to debate what to do now that his father is dead.

Damian’s inner turmoil leads him to his mother and grandfather, Talia and R’as l Ghul, but they don’t want much to do with him. He’s Batman’s son now, and both believe it’s his job to take up the cape and cowl.

But Damian isn’t quite ready for that. Instead, he comes home, hits the supervillain blogosphere–because apparently that’s a thing–and starts going after any and every villain who tries to claim credit for Batman’s death.

And when I say go after, I mean the Damian-Wayne-on-a-rampage kind of go after.

He stuffs a flame thrower in Mr. Freeze’s suit and pulls the trigger.

He throws Jackanapes out a window.

He basically goes around killing, and while it’s against Batman’s code, it’s still pretty fun.

Kubert sets up this four-issue miniseries as a test of conscience for not-so-young Damian. Will he dish out justice his way by killing, or will he adopt the no killing code he struggled to accept for so many years?

Kubert doesn’t offer any easy answers. He actually raises more questions with the last panel as Bruce Wayne seemingly returns from the dead to discover that his son has been a bad, bad boy in his absence.

With that one page, this comic gets a whole lot more interesting.

Where will Kubert go from here?

It’ll definitely be worth finding out.


9 out of 10

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