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Comic Review: Hawkeye #14

Hawkeye #14 Annie Wu cover Kate Bishop

It’s Fresh Kate of Bel Air as the other Hawkeye hits the Left Coast in Hawkeye #14.

Spunky and charming Kate Bishop bounces through a light orchid thief caper that’ll steal your heart with its humour and subtle plot twists.

Matt Fraction’s writing is energetic and light, while Annie Wu’s beach bum-style artwork adds an extra layer of charm to the whole thing. Wu’s Kate is emotive, funny, and just damn adorable to look at with her exaggerated winks and her girlish energy.

Colourist Matt Holingsworth really stands out too with a palette of purple, pink and pastel yellow that he changes up here and there to great effect.

The plot is pretty basic, but it’s the execution that makes this comic great.

Kate Bishop is broke – she hardly has money to buy cat food on her frequent trips to the grocery store – so she’s out to do good deeds for money.

And business is tough.

Turns out people doubt the skills of the “Skinny White Girl” Avenger, but nonetheless, she finds two men who need some help. Their pink orchid has been stolen and they need it back for a wedding, so Kate sets out to rescue the flower.

Yes, Hawkeye saves a flower. And yes, it’s totally worth reading about.

One of the best scenes in the book puts Kate on the doorstep of no-good orchid thief and rich dude Flynt Ward. Kate knocks on the door and talks to Ward like she’s buying drugs for the very first time.

“I understand you’re the man a woman must see if she’s in the market for certain…’orchids,'” she says, oh-so-slyly.

Ward kicks out the awkward superhero but, after annoying the cops and putting on a piss-poor display of stealth and subterfuge skills, Kate still manages to get the flower back.

Fraction then adds a couple plot twists at the end that expertly turn this breezy, fun caper into a more heartfelt narrative when he reveals that the two men are marrying each other. Then, to tie it all back into the Hawkeye annual, Madame Masque pops up at the very end.

There really is no dropoff with these Kate Bishop stories, and that’s a fantastic thing to see. They have a similar Average Joe Superhero tone, but Kate has a very different personality from Clint Barton, and her head-on approach is a lot of fun to read.

I could read a whole series just with her.

But aren’t we lucky Fraction is doing stories for both Hawkeyes?

9 out of 10

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