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Comic Review: Forever Evil #4

Forever Evil #4 Batman Crime Syndicate Justice League David Finch
It was a long time coming because of some delays, but Forever Evil #4 was totally worth the wait.

Writer Geoff Johns’ story really hits its stride in this middle issue of Forever Evil, and David Finch’s art brings a real guerilla resistance feel as Batman and Lex Luthor separately rally their troops for an assault on the Crime Syndicate.

When last we saw our Caped Crusader – and it has been some time since – he was half-cowled and limping back into the picture with Catwoman in tow, determined to return to the Batcave for some new gadgets and, presumably, a change of bat-underwear.

Forever Evil #4 picks up at a moment we’ve seen before in the old Hush storyline where Batman first reveals his cave to Catwoman. David Finch paces it perfectly with a closeup first page on Selina as her blindfold comes off, followed by a page turn to a two-page spread of the Batcave.

Finch also has some fantastic Power Ring pages toward the end as he and Batman – wielding a ring of a different colour – have a brief yet glorious clash to wrap up the issue.

Johns has all his plotlines firing at full capacity here. We get a bit of Batman’s regret over Nightwing’s fate, a bit of the brewing conflict in the Crime Syndicate (OMG Superwoman is preggo?) and a nice moment between Lex Luthor and Bizarro. Lex shares a story with Bizarro about why he never lets failure stop him, and you can see the monster as it processes Lex’s story. Bizarro chooses to help Lex not because it must, but because it’s inspired by what he says.

The crusty Batman/flirty Catwoman dynamic is always fun, as is Batman’s contingency plan warchest. For this issue he grabs the Sinestro Corps ring to take on Power Ring.

Things get colourful, needless to say.

Forever Evil #4 gets a lot done in its couple dozen pages. If the release schedule has killed some of this event’s momentum, it picks right back up after this.

9 out of 10

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