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Comic Review: Justice League #26

Justice League #26 Forever Evil New 52 Ivan Reis Grid
The robot Grid wants to be a real boy and Deathstorm, Johnny Quick, Atomica and Power Ring are miserable, miserable human beings.

After devoting full issues to heavy hitters like Ultraman and Owlman, Justice League #26 rounds out the Crime Syndicate’s origin stories by taking Grid’s perspective and analyzing them, one by one, for a reason to care about humanity.

But given how miserable the Syndicate members are, Grid doesn’t find a whole lot of inspiration.

Justice League #26 is a fun rundown of origin stories told a couple pages at a time, and while it doesn’t at all reflect the cover (Forever Evil #4 does not lead into this at all), it still offers some nice colour to the story Geoff Johns is telling.

Johnny Quick and Atomica were a pair of twisted, lovestruck serial killers. Power Ring was a bit of a peeping tom janitor at Ferris Aircraft. Deathstorm was a mad scientist. And Superwoman?

Well, she’s still a question mark, and so is that hooded dude sitting on a chair in the Syndicate’s lair.

Johns tells each villain’s story quickly and succinctly, with nothing rushed or shoehorned in. The Grid bit about wanting to feel something (he used to leave that to his Victor half) comes across a bit flat, but it works well enough as a device to fit all the other stories into one issue.

Despite Grid’s flat story, Ivan Reis’ best work comes when he’s drawing the robot. His title page is a full head-on view of Grid’s menacing, skeletal face, and he gets some other great angles on that face as the story goes on. And, as always, Reis manages to sync his work up nicely with other Justice League books, such that the difference between his work and David Finch’s on Forever Evil is hardly noticeable.

Justice League #26 is non-essential reading, but it’s a nice background supplement for the Crime Syndicate.

If you’re into this event, you’ll appreciate Justice League #26.

7.5 out of 10

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