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Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Angela and Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy #10 cover Kevin Maguire

To quote Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is a “spa day” for Gamora and Angela.

So how do the most dangerous woman in the universe and the most dangerous angel from another universe treat themselves on a “spa day?”

They kick alien ass.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is one of those gem in-between issues where the writer can take a break from galaxy-sweeping stories to tell a one-off yarn. Brian Michael Bendis uses it as an opportunity to have fun with the newly-arrived Angela and put her alongside the first person in the universe she fought: Gamora.

Bendis puts Gamora and Angela on the planet Moord where they’re mopping up Thanos’ Badoon forces and searching for where the Mad Titan has gone to ground. They don’t find him, but that’s okay: it’s more about the dynamic between Angela and “Lady” Gamora than it is about finding the big purple dude.

Artist Kevin Maguire gets the opportunity to show off early with a full opening sequence before the title page. Maguire opens with a fantastic one-page panel of Angela overlooking the alien planet and Gamora loading her rifle. The next two pages are closeups on both as they banter back and forth, and Maguire’s artwork really shines for the facial expressions he gets out of the two characters.

Then he gives us a full two-page spread of Angela and Gamora leaping into action. In a word, it’s glorious.

Maguire also makes Angela look terrifying and gorgeous as she rips into a Badoon starship and tears its crew apart. Bendis does his job in the sequence as well, writing Angela with wit and menace. At one point, the Badoon commander gives the order to fire and Angela dashes in behind him before the words have left his mouth. “You are somewhat faster than one would guess,” says the frightened commander.

But while Bendis is having fun with this story, he still propels the larger story along. Before the Badoon commander dies, he hints to Angela that he’s met her people before. Then, when the rest of the Guardians arrive to pick up their friends, the Badoon says Thanos is hiding on Earth.

Peter Quill says Badoon lie – it’s what they do – but the seeds of doubt have been planted.

The trial of Jean Grey is next, and while Guardians of the Galaxy #10 doesn’t help set that story up, it’s still worth reading because it’s just so damn fun.

9 out of 10

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