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Comic Review: Justice League #27

Justice League #27 Cyborg New 52 DC Comics

Victor Stone has suffered enough, hasn’t he? His dad wasn’t so great to him as a kid. Then, pops turned him into the tin can superhero Cyborg against his will to save his life. A few upgrades later, his body basically bailed on him, named itself Grid and left him a barely alive piece of meat.

So maybe it’s time to give him a good day.

So how about giving him a shopping spree?

Justice League #27 is one part RoboCop, one part Independence Day. Where Vic had no choice in becoming Cyborg the first time, he’s all-in and eager now.

The bulk of this issue is devoted to rehashing Vic’s conflict with Grid and preparing for a rematch as a leaner, meaner, more devoted Cyborg.

To do that, Vic wants the very best experimental weaponry and limbs the high tech Red Room can offer. He knows his dad has been holding out on him, and he demands access to the real Red Room, where all the shiniest toys are kept.

Those toys include a mysterious dormant space ship the government has been trying to reverse engineer for years – a space ship that, apparently, is from far in the future. Consider this a seed for something writer Geoff Johns will no doubt pick up later, but for now, his task is to get Vic in fighting shape and all made up with dear old Dad.

Johns writes some solid father-son interaction here, and he also plays Cyborg’s emotions just right. Cyborg too often comes off as the big softie of the Justice League – the kind of guy who stands no chance of beating you up or stealing your girlfriend.

Johns makes him more than that here. We get his anger at Grid, his complicated feelings for his father and the wash of serenity he feels to be in one piece again without a constant internet feed plugged into his head.

But this issue isn’t all Cyborg and red-lit rooms. Artist Ivan Reis is solid throughout, but his best work is at the beginning when Johnny Quick and Atomica attack hapless Doom Patrol kids Karma and Scorch. Karma gets killed by a bomb – easy – but Scorch’s death is truly frightening. Atomica jumps in his bloodstream and gives him an aneurism, and we are left to watch Scorch’s facial expressions as Atomica explains what she’s doing. Then, Scorch’s face contorts in pain, his flame hair goes out, the blood comes, and he dies.

Dark stuff, done brilliantly by Reis.

Justice League #27, like the last few issues before it, is a solid supplement to the main Forever Evil story. Where previous issues rounded out Crime Syndicate backstories, this one puts Cyborg back together and puts him back in the fight.

He’s suffered enough. Time to make the bad guys hurt for a change.

8 out of 10

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