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Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Guardians of the Galaxy #11 All-New Marvel NOW! Trial of Jean Grey Sara Pichelli cover

Guardians of the Galaxy has been, month-in and month-out, a hell of a fun time. The art is consistently gorgeous and the writing is hilarious. But how does it hold up under the weight of its first crossover event?

Pretty well, it turns out.

I’ll admit off the top: I haven’t read the last issue of All-New X-Men yet. But I didn’t need to. For a crossover, Guardians of the Galaxy #11 is remarkably self-contained. And while that will likely change when Jean Grey joins the picture, writer Brian Michael Bendis keeps his attention firmly focused on this end of the story throughout.

And right from Page One, this is unapologetically a Guardians book. Sara Pichelli draws an alien cantina scene like no other (as we’ve seen before), and this time she and Bendis treat us to a typical Peter Quill moment.

Star-Lord gets tangled up by a woman – one dressed in nothing but a cape and a well-positioned strap of leather – and has to get saved by Angela and Gamora.

And is there a better duo than those two these days? Last issue was incredible, and it was just a fight scene where the two ruined an alien invasion. Rocket Raccoon dubs them the “murder girls” in this issue, and no title would be more fitting. Angela adds a whole new dimension to Gamora by making her seem like the sane, sober one.

But this story is not all about the Guardians, and Bendis has some storytelling work to do before it’s out. Cue King J-son and his council of aliens debating whether to let the Shi’ar put Jean Grey on trial. It goes about as reasonably as you would imagine: everyone says “Uh, that’s teen Jean, she didn’t kill planets. The Phoenix did.” To which Gladiator replies: “Jean did it and that’s Jean.”

You get the sense Gladiator knows he sounds ridiculous, and must have an I ulterior motive for going after the hapless X-Man.

And Jean eventually does make an appearance in the last frame as Bendis brings his two story threads together (after making a few jokes about Canada).

Guardians of the Galaxy is beautifully drawn and maintains it’s humour and charm as it takes on it’s first big crossover event. This is a joy to read.

8.5 out of 10

gets its first crossover event in the Trial of Jean Grey,

Brian Michael Bendis
Sara Pichelli

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