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Feb. 12 Comics Preview: future Batman, new She-Hulk and Spidey’s Goblin Nation

Batman #28 New 52 Harper RowSuperior Spider-Man #27 Goblin Nation Otto OctaviusShe-Hulk #1 Javier Pulido All-New Marvel NOW

A leap into the future for Bats, a blast from the past with the return of She-Hulk and the beginning of the end for Otto Octavius highlights this week’s most intriguing comic titles.

Batman #28
Batman #28 New 52 Harper Row
Originally slated to wrap up the Dark City arc, Batman #28 is instead a taste of something different – and delicious – for Bat-fans, as Scott Snyder leaps six months ahead of present day DC continuity. Think of this like a teaser for the upcoming collaborative title Batman Eternal, which is set five years ahead of present day.

Best of all, Batman #28 will introduce a new badass to Batman’s team – a badass you may already know, and whose name may rhyme with Harper Row.

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo.

She-Hulk #1

She-Hulk #1 Javier Pulido All-New Marvel NOW
Who doesn’t love a good No. 1 issue? They’re bursting with potential and usually filled with hope, and She-Hulk #1 holds more hope than most. With the prolific and talented Charles “I write everything” Soule on board, this comic is another cog in Marvel’s latest re-investment in its female characters. The lawyer-turned-gamma-babe Jennifer Walters can be difficult to write without falling back on gender stereotypes. Can Soule carve out some fresh territory for She-Hulk?

Written by Charles Soule with art by Javier Pulido.

Superior Spider-Man #27

Superior Spider-Man #27 Goblin Nation Otto Octavius
Otto Octavius is already on the edge, and the Green Goblin is going to push him over in this first part of Goblin Nation, a five-part story that begins here. Peter Parker’s rebirth as the Amazing Spider-Man is only a few months away, so the long-gestating Goblin War will no doubt carry the seeds for his return.

Written by Dan Slott with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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