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Comic Review: Hawkeye #15

Hawkeye #15 cover David Aja


This looks awesome.

Hawkeye #15 is a return to all the things that make this comic great. David Aja is back on art. Clint Barton is back at center stage (sorry Kate Bishop, we love you too, but… you know). And the drama has picked up, as the creepy clown Kazu and his band of tracksuit Draculas make their final play to get their hands on Clint’s apartment building.

That play involves catching Clint with his pants down – literally – and one too many “BRO!” calls from the Russians. Remember, tough ol’ Barney Barton is still hanging out at Clint’s, and he’s got all the skill – and none of the aw shucks charm – that his little brother has. Barney’s a big deal in this issue, and you love him for everything he does.

Writer Matt Fraction also gives us more of an overhead view on this thing by showing just how Kazu the killer clown and his Russians are linked. It all boils down to real estate, and Clint is basically squatting on the one spot Kazu needs to build a mega-mall (or something like that).

But, as always, it’s the little touches that make you love this story. When Clint’s belt fails him, he looks down and sighs “Aww, pants…” And how does he get out of his stand-off with the Russians? Why, by getting them to call for his backup.

And that crossword cover? Not just a gimmick; crosswords are everywhere in this story.

This issue is everything we’ve come to love about Hawkeye. It’s got humour, drama and heartbreak, all told with Fraction’s trademark wit and Aja’s amazing pencils. This title kind of sidetracked itself in the last four or five issues, but Hawkeye #15 puts it right back on track.

Totally worth the buy.

9 out of 10

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