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Comic Review: Forever Evil #6

Forever Evil #6  Nightwing

To quote the band Drowning Pool, “Let the bodies hit the floor.”

(Repeat x3.)

It’s the second-last issue of Forever Evil, and that means it’s payoff time.

You’ve got Nightwing in chains, the bagged prisoner still hidden and most of the Justice League M.I.A.

Now, Geoff Johns and artist David Finch are ready to give us some answers.

Johns has said all along this would be a Lex Luthor story. But did you expect it to be an (A)Lex(ander) Luthor story?

That’s right: the shrouded prisoner is Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor, a baddie so mean that the Crime Syndicate was afraid of him. He’s already killed the alternate universe Shazam (Mazahs), but he didn’t just kill him – he stole his powers.

That’s right: Alexander Luthor is on a mission to kill the Crime Syndicate and steal their abilities.

But I’m jumping ahead. Alexander is really the end of this story, while most of it revolves around Lex, Batman and their band of villains busting into the Crime Syndicate lair. And, for a squad that includes Bats and Catwoman, they make a hell of a lot of noise when they’re sneaking in. Sure, Black Manta gets the jump on evil Alfred and shivs him good, but almost immediately, half the squad bumbles into a boobytrapped room with Nightwing strapped to a bomb. If they kill Nightwing, they go free. If they don’t kill him, they all die.

Needless to say, Batman doesn’t like those options – or Luthor’s decision to stop Nightwing’s heart.

The conversation between Batman and his doomed protege is easily the strongest character moment in this largely plot-driven issue. We’ve seen too many Robins die already, and Johns taps into that fear of failure with how he writes Batman. Bats ultimately can’t protect Nightwing from Luthor, but just as he’s on the verge of killing Lex, Lex says Batman’s acted too quickly.

So Nightwing probably isn’t all dead.

Others are not so lucky. At long last, the murderous duo of Johnny Quick and Atomica get their just desserts when they go up against Black Manta and Captain Cold. Cold horribly maims Quick – something he says he’d never do to the Flash, whom he respects – and Atomica is helpless to stop it. What’s more, she can’t even shrink down and sneak into Black Manta’s bloodstream because his suit is airtight.

Manta and Cold win the battle, and it’s so, so sweet.

We also get a tease of where the Justice League is, as Sinestro’s ring picks up Firestorm in close proximity at one point. As we know, the Leaguers are trapped inside Firestorm.

So we’re getting close. The heavy-hitters like Ultraman and Owlman aren’t going to die – we see them in the first promo for the next event, After Evil – but the lesser lights are fair game. Johnny Quick and evil Alfred now join Power Ring on the Crime Syndicate casualty list, and with one more issue to go, you know there’s going to be more death.

So let the bodies hit the floor.

9 out of 10

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