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Comic Review: Forever Evil #7 worth the forever wait

Forever Evil #7 DC Comics cover by David Finch

Delays be damned, this comic was fantastic – and totally worth the extra cover price and months-long wait.

Forever Evil #7 is a big-ticket superhero brawl and an intimate character piece all at once. It’s an artistic tour de force by David Finch and a new foundation for the future of the New 52 from Geoff Johns.

It is, in no uncertain terms, a game-changer, especially for Lex Luthor.
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New Batman costume and Batmobile more faithful than original – and that’s a good thing

Zack Snyder's Ben Afflect Batman and Batmobile Batman vs Superman

Behold! Ben Affleck and the Batmobile for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman film.

Two things.

One: such an awesome suit. That’s about as faithful as it gets when it comes to adapting Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns costume. Snyder has already come out and said he plans to draw heavily from that comic, but this is pretty on the nose, right down to the fat bat symbol. There’s no black underwear (thank God) but the grey body armour is much more faithful to Batman’s various comic incarnations. Snyder is definitely going a different direction after seven movies of molded black rubber/kevlar body armour, and it’s much-appreciated in this little corner of the internet.

Even the thick belt pouches are vintage Miller.

Here’s a look at the Batman: Arkham City video game skin so you can see how close the Affleck version will be. Heck, even the ears are smaller like those on ‘Fatman.’

Batman the Dark Knight Returns skin Arkham City

As for the Batmobile, again, it looks like Snyder is going with something already out there in the Batman mythos. The cockpit of the Batmobile certainly looks reminiscent of the new Arkham Knight Batmobile. We haven’t seen the rest of the car yet, but take a look and decide for yourself.

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

With filming underway and an expected release date of 2016, there’s still plenty of time for Snyder to tease us with more images.

I’m sure we’ll be back and dissecting the Wonder Woman costume in the next few months.

Or the name of the as-yet-untitled film.

Comic Review: Batman Eternal #6 adds Joker’s Daughter and a dash of magic

Deacon Blackfire in Batman Eternal

If Batman Eternal #5 was all about going high tech (what with its nanobot virus thingie), then Batman Eternal #6 goes the exact opposite direction. This comic is rife with magic, opening the door for a whole new conflict in this ever-growing plot against Batman and his allies.

Batwing is our Batman ally of the week this time around, and the story opens with him battling Gentleman Ghost. From there, Ray Fawkes (scripter for this issue) loops in Jim Corrigan, a.k.a. the Spectre, to help out Bats, while also re-introducing Deacon Blackfire for much longer than his brief cameo in issue #1.

Between Corrigan, Gentleman Ghost and the green-flame skeleton Deacon Blackfire, there’s a whole lot of magic going on here. Batman doesn’t care too much – he just sees it as another item on his growing to-do list – so Batwing becomes our entry point as readers. The tech whiz is out of his element with magic, but that just promises to make it more interesting when he’s teamed up with Corrigan to investigate a disturbance at Arkham.

And that disturbance? It’s the Joker’s Daughter (not really his daughter), holed up deep underground and talking about summoning someone (or something). She’s taking prisoners and giving them hallucinations, but beyond that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Magic brings a whole new dimension to this story, as it always does. Now, Batman is dealing with a gritty crime boss in Carmine Falcone, a nanotech virus, a potential psychic (someone capable of making Jim Gordon hallucinate), and elements of magic and the occult.

Just going to throw this one out there, since we’re pulling in everything possible: aliens for issue #7?

Batwoman regular Trevor McCarthy’s art is clean, crisp and easy to look at, but it steps to another level every time he draws the irradiated skeleton-ghost, Deacon Blackfire.

The writing is solid, too, if a little slow-paced.

After six issues, this is starting to reach the point where I want some progression on the existing storylines before we introduce any more of them. We’ve got just about all the Bat-pieces on the board now, with Red Robin, Batgirl, Harper Row, Batwing, Catwoman and even Stephanie Brown all involved. That leaves only Nightwing (kind of busy with Forever Evil still) and Jason Todd’s Red hood out of the picutre. And if they’re going to go for obscure cousins like Batwing, Batwoman is probably in the cards soon, too.

And I love the Batwoman character, but seriously, can we get this show on the road?

The trailer for Gotham, the Batman prequel series, looks amazing

They’re doing this series right.

Fox recently ordered a full season of Gotham, and here’s what we have to look forward to.

Based on the early bits, it looks like it’s going to be incredible.