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Comic Review: the Xavier kid is alright in All-New X-Men #28

All-New X-Men #28 cover

All-New X-Men #28 fixes a lot of what went wrong with the Battle of the Atom event – in more than a few ways.

In terms of story, young Charles Xavier and his half-brother, Raze, get the character-building attention they deserve from Brian Michael Bendis in this latest All-New X-Men issue. Bendis simply didn’t have the space to both introduce, explain and wrap up Xavier’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from the future during his Battle of the Atom storyline, but he seems to be rectifying that problem now.

Much of All-New X-Men #28 focuses on the Mystique siblings and their relationship with Hank McCoy, as Bendis begins to flesh out the future world he only hinted at months ago. We get a glimpse into the Brotherhood’s team dynamic (hint: it’s no team), and we also get a proper explanation for why pacifist Hank McCoy is helping a psychopath psychic (hint: mind control).

We also get a proper explanation for why these guys are alive and back in the past again, as the first group to foray into the past managed to warn their future selves with a note. If that’s confusing, read the comic. You’ll get it.

Yes, just as the Brotherhood righted their mistakes in the past, so, too, does Bendis seem to, as he uses this comic to develop Xavier from weird pseudo-clone status up to being a full-fledged villain. This Xavier is arrogant and powerful but young and angry – an interesting mix, given that he knows more than his opponents, yet is still very inexperienced himself.

Xavier’s plan centers, of course, on taking out Jean Grey, but not a whole lot happens with the present-day X-Men where she’s concerned. The struggle at Cyclops’ school advances a bit, but the real meat and potatoes of this story lies in the future, with manipulative Charles, angry Raze and poor, poor Hank.

That’s not to say the present is boring though. Bendis spices things up some his typical witty dialogue, and even includes a fun anti-hero shoutout when someone asks Raze who his father is.

“Batman,” is the first answer.

“Wolverine,” is the second.

Stuart Immonen’s art is spot-on again, and while he doesn’t get a lot of spectacle in this issue (mostly more Jean Grey and Cyclops pink/red explosion panels), he has a marvelous spread of future Beast’s labratory.

All-New X-Men #28 makes a proper enemy of Charles Xavier Jr. and his team. And while the Battle of the Atom event may have been a bit disappointing, Bendis looks like he’s got this series ready to dovetail nicely with the events of Marvel’s big Original Sin event.

Give us more evil Xavier. He’s great.

8.5 out of 10

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