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Batman Eternal #12 gets ambitious – and delivers

Batman Eternal #12 cover
Batman Eternal #12 is, front-to-back, the most solidly-constructed issue of this series so far. Mikel Janin’s art is clean, crisp and firmly rooted in the Bat-verse, while James Tynion IV’s script is expertly-paced and well-delivered.

For the first time in a while, the art here is an absolute treat. At first look, Janin’s work appears simply solid. But on closer inspection, it starts to become clear just how much Janin has done his homework. His work is many-layered, drawn with all the dedication of a true Batman devotee.

In one scene, Batman is disguised as a helmeted prison guard, yet it’s clear who he is immediately, simply from the stern shape of his jaw and the way he frowns. That same scene includes a wonderful nod to Greg Capullo’s Death of the Family artwork, as Janin recreates the haunting bridge shot from when the Joker first confronted Batman with his plans to destroy the Bat-family.

The story has layers, too. Where past issues have been tripped up by too many plotlines, Tynion does a fantastic job of threading all the disparate storylines together. We get one scene with each storyline, and those single scenes are all just enough to whet the appetite. Red Robin, Batgirl/Red Hood, Bard, Gordon, Batman, Harper Row and Alfred/Julia Pennyworth all get time in this story, and yet it doesn’t feel bloated.

Batman Eternal #12 finally feels like there’s a strong hand guiding this ship. With superb art, deft plotting and a strong command of the many characters at play, Batman Eternal #12 is simply wonderful.

9 out of 10

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