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Edge of Spider-Verse #3 is out-of-control ideas and no direction

Edge of Spider-Verse 3

With a heavy anime influence and an overly convoluted backstory, Edge of Spider-Verse #3 by Dustin Weaver feels like it could’ve used an editor to trim it down from teenage pipe dream to true comic book script.

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d design your own superhero with a million awesome gadgets and powers?

You probably thought it was awesome, but (sorry to break this), it likely needed a lot more smoothing out to be a publishable creation.

That’s what you get from Dustin Weaver in Edge of Spider-Verse #3.

This comic smacks of almost too much thought. It’s clearly a labour of love for writer/artist Dustin Weaver, but one gets the sense he could have used a second set of eyes on much of this story.

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 follows a character who diverges from the basic Spider-Man premise in almost every way, save that he paints his Iron Man-like armor like Spider-Man’s suit.

Other than that, there are few elements linking Weaver’s Spider-Man to any other version of the character, and few reasons to stick around to read this whole comic through.

One page early in the comic sums up all its problems perfectly. Weaver shows the robotic Spider-Man suit across multiple frames, with arrows pointing out all the cool features built into it. On the same page, profile cards show up next to villains, and action is happening, too. Weaver simply has too many ideas that he’s trying to cram into the story, and the overall product suffers.

The art itself isn’t bad, but it’s tremendously anime-inspired. So is the writing, with many names sounding inexplicably Japanese. I don’t know how this will go over for anime fans, but as a person who is mostly annoyed by anime, the style rubbed me the wrong way.

The dialogue is very tell-don’t-show, while the plot tries to accomplish too much in too few pages. Our main character – I don’t remember or care what his name is – has a complicated relationship with a woman, and that somehow leads to people being abducted and transformed into spider-cyborgs.

There’s a kid in there with cancer, too.

I think. I was really just waiting for the comic to be over.

Waste of my money.

3 out of 10.

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