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Harley Quinn #12 is DDelightful, puddin’

Harley Quinn #12 with Power Girl

The casually murderous Harley Quinn and the still-clueless yet good-to-the-core Power Girl are a match made in heaven/hell in Harley Quinn #12, from writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, and artists John Timms and Chad Hardin. Power Girl is the perfect straight character to play alongside Harley Quinn, and the Kryptonian bombshell provides a much-needed anchor point for a wild ride to another dimension populated by giant dogs, four-breasted aliens and Thanos knock-offs.

OK, so that’s a lot to take in. But it’s OK. Harley Quinn #12, like the fantastic issue that came before it, is not about weaving the proper DC context into this. It’s about having fun, and this issue is ridiculously fun.

Harley fires off Power Girl boob jokes every other page, playfully walking the line between “too much for the sensors” and “just enough to get away with.” And while boob jokes are easy, Power Girl offers enough seriousness to make the jokes come off even more effectively. Harley is playing with PG, and we get to have fun with it, too.

The plot picks up from last issue with Power Girl and Harley facing Clock King and Sportsmaster for a food court showdown. The two girls charge, and Clock King throws out a dimensional hula-hoop to send them to the aforementioned wacky world.

After a brief interlude with a friendly giant dog, the four-breasted alien and a few other strange figures, the girls are sent to retrieve one of the Infinity Stones Rings from Thanos Manos, or “Space Hitler,” as Harley so aptly names him. Harley and Kara lay the smackdown on the space tyrant and his giant space pizza herald (I know, it’s tough to explain), then head home.

So what I’m saying is, there’s a giant talking dog, a talking space pizza, a Thanos clone and a bunch of breast jokes in Harley Quinn #12.

With the rest of the DC catalog so utterly serious right now (including the super-stern Justice League, Batman Eternal and Wonder Woman this week), Harley Quinn #12 is a much-needed palate cleanser.

The art is fun and colourful, with duties split seamlessly between Timms and Hardin. They (I think it’s Hardin) do a particularly good job at introducing Manos with a spot-on homage to Thanos’ shadowy appearance and asteroid home, but the comic is solid throughout – and so much fun.

I was iffy on Harley Quinn when it debuted, but it’s really picked up with this Power Girl arc.

Does Poison Ivy suddenly have a challenger for the role of Harley’s best gal pal?

8.5 out of 100

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