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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer debuts, look great

Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer episode 7

The first official teaser for the long-awaited Star Wars sequel is out, and if 84 seconds of footage are any indication, director J. J. Abrams is on the right track.

It’s your typical first teaser trailer in many respects, with brief flashes of people looking worried and a few cool sights. But it’s also got some incredible visual gems that promise so, so much.

The trailer opens on the sand dunes of Tatooine, with an old man’s voice saying “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” John Boyega’s character then pops up into frame, looking sweaty and worried. He’s wearing stormtrooper armour (OMG?) and you can hear probe droids.

We then get more shots of stormtroopers on a drop ship about to deploy, along with clips of the other main newcomers to the cast, including Oscar Isaac flying an X-wing and Daisy Ridley riding a clunky-looking speeder bike on Tatooine.

Isaac appears to be a Rebel Alliance (Republic, whatever) pilot, while Ridley seems very much at home in her Tatooine surroundings.

There’s also a shot of a little droid that looks like a cross between R2-D2 and a Dyson vacuum cleaner, with patented ball technology.

The voiceover says two sides of the Force have awakened. First it mentions the Dark Side, and we get a shot from behind of a black-robed figure walking through snowy woods. He whips out his lightsaber and turns it on, revealing that it’s another odd and tricked-out bad guy red lightsaber, with two tiny beams as a sort of handguard.

Then the voice says the Light Side is awake too, and you can’t help but tear up as the Millennium Falcon explodes onto the scene, diving and rolling and spinning as it’s chased by two TIE fighters, with the classic Star Wars theme blaring.


The trailer is also commendable for not banking too hard on nostalgia. Yes, it’s incredible to see the Falcon again in all of its glory, but we’re not inundated with callbacks to the original trilogy, and we don’t even get to see the original cast in the trailer. It’s about teasing the new trio of heroes – not the old.

So watch it for yourself. Then, speculate away. We’ve got more than a year to dissect this stuff. (Is the Dyson droid R2’s child? And did Salacious Crumb survive the Sarlacc pit?)

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